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zargaron plaza

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256B, Bukhara, B. Nakshbandi st.
  • Бар
  • Доставка еды и напитков в номер
  • Звукоизолированные номера
  • Камера хранения багажа
  • Кондиционер
  • Конференц-зал/банкетный зал
  • Ланч боксы
  • Магазины на территории
  • Места для курения
  • Мини бар
  • Обмен валюты
  • Отопление
  • Парикмахерская / салон красоты
  • Прачечная
  • Ресторан (меню)
  • Ресторан (шведский стол)
  • Сауна
  • Сейф
  • Семейные номера
  • Сувенирный магазин
  • Трансфер от / До аэропорта
  • Услуги консьержа
  • Услуги по глажению одежды
  • Факс/ксерокопирование

‘Zargaron Plaza’ is a four-star hotel located outside the city of Bukhara, near the historical buildings. This luxurious hotel looks like a palace in European style.

The hotel is also equipped inside according to international standards: there is a huge marble hall at the entrance, high ceilings with elegant chandeliers, majestic arches and leather sofas for waiting guests.

The hotel has 40 rooms and all of them are bright with comfortable beds, good lighting and other facilities. All necessary equipment is included – air conditioning, TV satellite, telephone, internet, minibar, hairdryer and additional furniture.

The hotel has its own fitness center, spa and massage rooms, sauna, and a rooftop terrace for outdoor activities. There is also a “Spanish bar” where you can order alcoholic beverages.

The price of the room in Zargaron Plaza also includes breakfast in the form of a “buffet”, and at other time, you can try the sublime cuisine in the restaurant of the same hotel.

In this hotel, you can also conduct small meetings in the lobby with a cup of coffee or large business meetings in the conference room for 60 people.

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