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royal palace

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33, Samarkand, Amir Temur st.
  • Доставка еды и напитков в номер
  • Звукоизолированные номера
  • Камера хранения багажа
  • Кондиционер
  • Конференц-зал/банкетный зал
  • Магазины на территории
  • Места для курения
  • Мини бар
  • Обмен валюты
  • Отопление
  • Парикмахерская / салон красоты
  • Прачечная
  • Ресторан (шведский стол)
  • Семейные номера
  • Сувенирный магазин
  • Трансфер от / До аэропорта
  • Услуги консьержа
  • Услуги по глажению одежды
  • Факс/ксерокопирование

‘Royal Palace’ Hotel is a model of national Uzbek architecture. Massive, exotic two-edged iron gates open the entrance to the inner brick courtyard with a green lawn and a colorful panorama on the left wall overlooking Registan Square, as well as a miniature marble staircase leading to the reception hall, decorated in Oriental style.

The hotel staff will meet you at the entrance and guide you to the hotel. A striking feature of the Royal Palace Hotel is its asymmetric configuration, which gives an element of exclusivity in the design of the hotel as a whole and arranged in a series of rooms with their unusual exterior and interior decoration. At the entrance to the hall, visitors and tourists are immediately attracted by luxurious ornamented carved wooden doors leading to the cozy hall of the restaurant offering its services in the selection of dishes of national and European cuisine.

The terrace on the second floor is furnished with an Uzbek national piece of furniture, called “tapchan” (here a photo of a tapchan) – “wide, like a bed, square in shape with backs for rest and dinner in the air.” Sitting on the ‘tapchan’, visitors can enjoy the aroma of green tea or the taste of autumn, sweet, juicy fruits after a peaceful conversation, contemplating the evening sunset and enjoying the evening coolness. A mini tea-bar on the second floor is also at your service, where you will be offered coffee, lunch and fruits at reasonable prices. Harmonious shades of green, peach and beige colors decor the walls perfectly combined with elegantly selected furniture and accessories of national color in the halls. The photo gallery presented here, reflects the scenes of the history of Samarkand city and the life and occupation of Samarkand citizens.

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