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orient star khiva

54/ night
1, Khiva, P. Mahmud st.
  • Банкомат на территории отеля
  • Доставка еды и напитков в номер
  • Завтрак в номер
  • Звукоизолированные номера
  • Камера хранения багажа
  • Кондиционер
  • Конференц-зал/банкетный зал
  • Ланч боксы
  • Магазины на территории
  • Массаж
  • Обмен валюты
  • Отопление
  • Прачечная
  • Ресторан (меню)
  • Ресторан (шведский стол)
  • Сейф
  • Семейные номера
  • Сувенирный магазин
  • Трансфер от / До аэропорта
  • Услуги по глажению одежды
  • Факс/ксерокопирование

Orient Star Khiva is a large hotel in Khiva, built in the 19th century. From the moment of construction and until the beginning of the 20th century, this hotel was the madrasah of Muhammad Amin Khan, now the lounges for the students of the madrasah have been converted into hotel rooms, and the hall where classes were held now serves as a modern conference hall.

Nevertheless, the hotel has well preserved the traditional atmosphere of the East. The location of the hotel is very convenient – it is in the center of the world famous museum city Ichan Kala, next to the famous Kalta Minar tower and surrounded by other famous landmarks.

The style of the rooms in the hotel also reminds that this is the inner part of a madrasah, but at the same time the rooms are cozy enough to relax and unwind in a calm atmosphere.

The rooms provide all the amenities – a comfortable bed, TV, minibar, telephone, air conditioning and a private bathroom. In the mornings, the hotel offers traditional Uzbek breakfasts, which include flatbreads, fatty sour cream, scrambled eggs, meats, cheeses and more. You can also enjoy yourself in the teahouse restaurant, where local chefs daily prepare various dishes of national and European cuisine.

Guests of the hotel also often note the positive, responsible staff, who always listen to requests and suggestions.

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