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city palace

107/ night
15, Tashkent, Amir Temur st.
  • Бар
  • Бассейн крытый
  • Доставка еды и напитков в номер
  • Завтрак в номер
  • Звукоизолированные номера
  • Кондиционер
  • Ланч боксы
  • Массаж
  • Места для курения
  • Мини бар
  • Настольный теннис
  • Обмен валюты
  • Отопление
  • Парикмахерская / салон красоты
  • Прачечная
  • Ресторан (меню)
  • Ресторан (шведский стол)
  • Сауна
  • Сейф
  • Семейные номера
  • Сувенирный магазин
  • Услуги консьержа
  • Факс/ксерокопирование
  • Фитнес-центр
  • Химчистка
  • Экскурсионное бюро

Connoisseurs of their time and comfort will find a real paradise within the walls of the five-star City Palace hotel. Located in the heart of Tashkent, at the crossroads of the main highways that run through the capital, the hotel gives its guests an excellent opportunity to quickly reach any administrative institution, as well as an entertainment and business center.

The hotel’s 252 rooms are an excellent option for accommodating large groups of guests, whether they are competition participants, business associates or tourists united by common interests. For such guests there are 7 banquet rooms and 1 — for important conferences. In addition, guests will be able to fully enjoy the cozy interior and a wide range of services, including a restaurant, a sauna, two types of pools, a massage room, a gym and much more.

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