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arien plaza

48/ night
47, Tashkent, Bogi Buston st.
  • Бар
  • Доставка еды и напитков в номер
  • Завтрак в номер
  • Камера хранения багажа
  • Кондиционер
  • Ланч боксы
  • Места для курения
  • Отопление
  • Парикмахерская / салон красоты
  • Прачечная
  • Ресторан (меню)
  • Сейф
  • Семейные номера
  • Трансфер от / До аэропорта
  • Услуги консьержа
  • Услуги по глажению одежды
  • Факс/ксерокопирование

To get the most out of your vacation, you don’t have to travel far. The Arien Plaza hotel is an excellent option for those who value comfort and coziness, and are used to receiving bright emotions and fresh sensations from their rest. The hotel will delight the eye with a well-groomed and green area, a wonderful view from the windows of the rooms on an impressive variety of plants in the garden.

Arien Plaza is a B&B hotel, it is equipped with a modern soundproofing system, rooms are divided into five categories, there are rooms for non-smokers.

Guests are greeted here with appropriate oriental hospitality, and the staff communicates with guests in Russian and English.

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