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The main goal of coworking in this teambuilding is to create an object of joint creativity, there are several options to choose (house, castle, city, planet), and the requisite are all available means. These are mainly boxes, cardboard, glue, adhesive tape, etc. This is a fascinating creative team building.

Task 1. The composition is mixed and divided into three teams.

Task 2. Prepared material is hidden by the organizers in the recreation area, which can be obtained by completing the tasks of the host. It is necessary to collect as much material as possible to complete the main task.

Task 3. Using prepared material (cardboard, glue, scissors, stapler, paint, brushes), teams need to “build” one of the three floors of the holding. Employees are united in the performance of one task for the benefit of the team, cutting, gluing and coloring details.

Task 4. After completing the manufacture of their floor, all three teams are taken for the “erection” of a large common building that represents the holding, installing floors on top of each other, fixing them and making out.

Task 5. The final part: each employee cuts out his own figure from a sheet of colored paper and glues it to the corresponding floor.


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