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Art therapy does not focus on the images around you, but looks for images coming from the inside. In other words, as Malchiodi writes: “Art therapy asks you to study your inner experience, your feelings, perception and imagination. While art therapy may also include training in visual arts skills and artistic techniques, the emphasis, as a rule, is primarily on the expression of images that come from within the person, and not those that he or she sees in the outside world “.

Group-format art therapy helps:

  • Develop social and communication skills;
  • Solve common problems and support others;
  • Observe the results of their actions and their impact on others;
  • Master new roles and show hidden personality traits, observe how changes in behavior affect changes in relationships with others;
  • Stimulate imagination, develop artistic abilities and increase self-esteem;
  • Resolve conflicts and build relationships between group members;
  • Develop decision making skills.


Group art therapy

One of the most productive forms of team building, as with its help in almost any game form, almost any tasks associated with building a team are achieved.
In addition, art therapy has another side effect: creativity invariably brings joy and pleasure, and releases a huge amount of energy.

What you have to go through:

Familiarization with the rules of training and equipment; drawing a picture “Who am I?” and its presentation with an explanation of all the details of the picture by the author and:

  • visiting psychologist;
  • the distribution of participants into teams and the creation of a joint art object on a free theme from improvised materials;
  • creation of a single corporate picture by all participants in the training from salt dough and paints
  • “We are a single organism”;
  • summarizing by a psychologist; corporate tea party.


Team building goal:

To identify the creative abilities and leadership qualities of the participants, to unite the team, to build trusting relationships with the training participants.


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