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Khiva excursion — photo 2
Trip to Khiva
Oh, wonderful Khiva, a city of 25 centuries, famous for its rich history. What kind of tourist does not dream of visiting your land? Your streets have seen merc...
Craft of the Fergana Valley — photo 8
Trip to Fergana
Queen of the Fergana Valley, you are always crowded, although today, your population is a little over 380,000 people. But your streets are full of travelers fro...
Hakimat-Termezi architectural complex — photo 1
Trip to Termez
Oh glorious Termez, you saw the rise and fall of cultures, saw the glory of Zoroastrianism in Central Asia, birth of Buddhism and rise of Islam. Your name means...
Tashkent excursion — photo 2
Trip to Tashkent
Oh, the Star of the East, beautiful Tashkent! Whitened by grayness for more than two millennia, you have repeatedly collapsed and resurrected from the ashes, on...
Nurata mountain area — photo 1
Trip to Nurata
Miraculous Nurata, the ancient and magnificent city close to Navoiy, maybe you were not as large and significant as Bukhara or Khiva, but your history is not le...
Bukhara excursion — photo 3
Trip to Nukus
Magnificent Karakalpakstan, a country within the country, you are an important part of Uzbekistan and its inimitable decoration. Wanderers from all over the wor...
Trip to Bukhara
Oh, Bukhara, the pearl of the Orient located on the Great Silk Road, which has been catching admiring glances from both travelers and locals for 25 centuries. T...
легенда о Биби-Ханым
Trip to Samarkand
Great Samarkand, you were the center of the Eastern civilization. People knew about you all over the world. They looked up to you and were proud of you. And eve...