What season to visit Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan is different: you can have a great time here at all seasons. If you are planning a trip to the country, you first need to make a plan: what exactly you want to do. For example, go skiing in a ski resort, relaxing on the beach, doing sightseeing, or attending local celebrations.

If we talk about ordinary walks and sightseeing, the most comfortable weather for a visit to Uzbekistan is March-June and September-October.

Now we will tell you what the weather is like in the country at different times of the year, and what you can do during your trip.

Uzbekistan in winter

It is worth visiting Uzbekistan in the winter months if you dream of spending the holidays in an unusual setting. In the country you can see attractions, local holidays, food tours and ski resorts.

If you are planning a winter trip and vacation in a ski resort, the best time to visit the country is December-March.

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In addition, in Uzbekistan, you can have a great time not only for the Christmas holidays, but also for Valentine’s Day or February 23rd. Locals organize special holidays that will surprise you, for example:

  • on February 23, you can go on a gastro tour with a male company and taste the best wines and cognacs in the country, taste national dishes and food that is prepared exclusively by men: pilaf and shish kebab;
  • During the Christmas holidays, you can not only see the main sights and historical centers, but also see with your own eyes how the New Year is celebrated in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan in spring

Spring is the best time to visit Uzbekistan. It is in the spring that a large flow of tourists from all over the world begins, who want to see local sights and cities.

In honor of March 8, special tours are held in the country, which, for the most part, are aimed at the female part of tourists. Tours include hiking in oriental bazaars, buying jewelry and various fabrics. Women can visit sewing factories and see how astrakhan hats are produced.

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In addition, in spring, the country celebrates a new year according to the astronomical calendar (Navruz-Bayram). This is an interesting event where you can better get acquainted with the ancient traditions and cultural program of Central Asia.

And also, in the spring, you can go by jeep to the Uzbek desert and visit the legendary Aral Sea, which dried up a long time ago as a result of human activity.

Uzbekistan in summer

Summer is a great time for wellness treatments, sightseeing tours and, of course, a beach holiday. Local residents and tourists rest at the Charvak reservoir – the best place surrounded by beautiful nature.

You can also go hiking in the mountains, but then you should take a jacket with you – in the mountains the temperature is much lower than in cities. Hikes in the mountains are organized by local guides who know better routes and places with panoramic views.

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The most important thing when planning a trip to Uzbekistan in the summer is to choose the dates before or after the chilli. Otherwise, the rest will not be entirely comfortable: the air temperature during the day exceeds +40 degrees Celsius, and at night it does not drop below +30.

Uzbekistan in autumn

A trip to Uzbekistan in autumn is a great opportunity to see not only historical locations and sights, but also to taste local fruits and vegetables.

And also, local guides organize tours of the locations through which the Great Silk Road passed. These are the legendary Khiva, Samarkand and Bukhara, which every tourist should visit.

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It is warm in Uzbekistan in autumn. The air temperature decreases from mid-October to +15 degrees and gradually tends to zero.


A trip to Uzbekistan will be interesting if you:

  • decide in advance exactly how you want to spend your vacation;
  • buy tickets in advance for dates before or after chilli.

Uzbekistan is beautiful at any time of the year, so after a trip, tourists often return to the country at another time to get new emotions from their pastime.

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