Uzbekistan ski resorts

Uzbekistan ski resorts — photo 1

There are many lowland and mountainous locations in Uzbekistan for lovers of outdoor activities. We will not talk about all the existing ones, we will introduce you to the most popular ski resorts – Chimgan and Beldersay.

Both ski resorts are located at an altitude of more than 1,500 meters above sea level and are located 85 km from Tashkent, so tourists do not have transport problems with the road to the resort.

Ski resort “Chimgan”

Chimgan is perhaps the most popular resort in Uzbekistan. Prior to that, the resort was considered the most popular in the entire Soviet Union due to its natural and climatic conditions. Still: in addition to skiing, there are excellent hiking and trekking routes in the Angren river valley, horse and safari routes along the Shakhimardan and Pamir-Alai canyons.

Not only young companies come to Chimgan, but also families with children. In addition to the ski resort, there are many entertainment options: cafes, saunas, billiards, bars and even a dance floor (of course, if you have enough energy left to dance after an active day).

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In Chimgan there are about 10 cable cars (average ascent time 10-15 minutes) and 24 tracks with different levels of difficulty (most of them are red and blue).

Ski resort “Beldersay”

Beldersay is located just five kilometers from Chimgan. It is more compact and comfortable in comparison with Chimgan. Experienced athletes mostly come here. There is an excellent hotel on the territory of the ski resort, so there is no need to stay in the nearest settlements.

The resort has two cable cars:

  • with twin chairs (length 2.5 km, ascent time ≈ 25 minutes);
  • drag lift (length ≈ 1 km, ascent time 5-7 minutes).

The ropeway is a continuation of the first one. There is a cafe where you can relax, warm up and have a snack.

By the way, the Beldersay ski slope is considered one of the best in the countries of the former Soviet Union for downhill skiing. Its length is ≈3020 meters, the height difference is ≈770 meters, and the average slope is 26 degrees.

In this ski resort, there are two ski areas: upper and lower.

Uzbekistan ski resorts — photo 3

For the most part, professionals ride in the upper zone, less experienced athletes in the lower zone. In the lower zone, it is better to ride accompanied by a guide, so as not to accidentally climb into unequipped avalanche slopes.

The ski resort in Uzbekistan starts in mid-December and ends in early May.

Which resort is right for you?

It all depends on the company you are planning a trip with. For example, if you are going to ride for the first time or you still have little experience for difficult trails, you better go to Chimgan.

At the same time, if you feel confident about skiing, it is better to go to Beldersay – a ski resort for experienced tourists.

Uzbekistan ski resorts — photo 4

In both the first and second locations, you will not find long queues for the lift, and you can also try yourself in different types of skiing – freeriding, backcountry and heliskiing.

Where to stay

There are hotels on the territory of the ski resorts, so if the purpose of your trip is not to study Uzbekistan, but to have an active vacation, we recommend staying here. The hotels are comfortable, great nature … what else do you need for a vacation?

In addition, we remind you that Tashkent (the capital of Uzbekistan) is only 85 kilometers away, which means you can not only ride, but also see the sights of the country, visit local bazaars and do shopping in your free time from the slopes.


Uzbekistan is a great place for active recreation. Ski resorts are equipped with slopes of varying difficulty, which means that it will be comfortable for athletes with any level of training: both beginners and professionals.

Uzbekistan ski resorts — photo 5

If you are planning to visit the country for the sole purpose of skiing, it is better to stay in hotels on the territory of the complexes. This way you can save travel time and make more descents. At the same time, if you plan to see local sights and learn more about the Great Silk Road, we recommend staying in the nearest settlements. Firstly, this way you will be able to find accommodation that is right for you (and perhaps save money), and secondly, you will have more time: you will ride on the snowy slopes, go shopping, and see the sights.

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