Wedding in Uzbekistan

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Wedding – is very important event for Uzbek families. Parents of children preparing for the wedding almost from their birth. Mother begins to collect a dowry for her daughter, when she turns six years old.

When youth choose a partner, always relies to advice and wishes of grown.

When a young man comes of age, he starts to look a bride.

After the final selection of the bride, groom sent the matchmakers to her house. Traditionally approving days for matchmaking is Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Before the wedding, passes the engagement, “Fatih tui.” So at a certain day matchmakers in house of bride come her relatives, friends, the elderly people. In every region of the country, there are difference performances of wedding ceremonies.

When matchmaker says about the purpose of their visit and give gifts, comes the ritual “non sindirish” – “breaking the bread.” If parents accept the offer of the wedding, they give to matchmakers white handkerchief. After that, the oldest member of the family or representative of waving should say a prayer with the blessing and good wishes of the bride and groom, and breaks two breads. One half cakes distribute the presence of women, and the other – to men. This ordinance says that now the young will share all half.

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The official betrothal considers “Fatih-tui”, and then prescribe the wedding day and wedding.

Before the wedding the bride gathers her friends for a party – Kiz oshi. Usually it takes a lot of fun, the girls sing songs, dance, and the bride prepare small gifts for her friends.

Wedding celebration in Uzbek families begins with a morning pilov for men, this event organizes the groom’s father. Pilov is given to the guests in groom’s house, or in a teahouse.

Morning pilov prepares for the end of the first prayer bomdon namozi, around half past five in the morning. Sounds of doira carney and sunray invite guests to pilov.

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Driving away evil spirits, old women walks around the chimildik three times with lit candles, young stays on kurpacha – it is a blanket that is sewn from scraps of colored cloth. After this ceremony the groom is trying the honey and gives the bride to try, for the sake of the sweet life. Then, in a mirror, in which until no one was looking, the bride and groom see each other. Then the groom wears on the bride’s hand bracelet or watch. Dostarkhan designed for cakes and sweets. The Imam of the mosque reads for bride and groom the wedding prayer hutbai nikokh after the parental blessing, and announce them husband and wife before God. Imam tells to young about their rights and obligations in a marriage. Then the bride and groom are sent to the registry office to register a civil marriage. On the wedding come not less two or three hundred people. Everyone who heard the sound of carnay could come to the wedding, he well be meet friendly. Newlyweds usually sit at the place of pride. Usually, the bride sits with her downcast eyes, her face close with veil. At wedding receptions, you could see the cakes and sweets: sugar Navab, parvarda, and fruit. Also, there are different snacks such as kazi – horse meat sausage. First, the guests are treated with green soup-shurpa. After serving Somsa, barbecue, Naryn and other dishes. Crown wedding – is pilov. The guests taste flavorful dishes with Uzbek grape wine. The musical groups create the fun at the weddings. They play on the Uzbek folk instruments, singing songs of love and happiness, and charming dancers in national costumes dazzle with their dances, the guests are not sitting, they start to dance.

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After the wedding the bride is taken to the groom’s house. In the morning takes place the ritual “Kelin Salom” – the greeting of the bride. Parents and relatives of the groom, wishing happiness and prosperity daughter in low, give her gifts and money. Daughter-in- low “Kelin” welcomes guests to bow, and in return gives the audience a white handkerchief or towel. During the “Kelin Salom” bride dresses several times in bright outfits. It is the rule how they accept the daughter in low in new house.

Throughout the year in Uzbekistan played the wedding, but the preferred season is autumn.

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