Souvenirs of Uzbekistan

Souvenirs of Uzbekistan — photo 1

All travelers want to keep the memory of the cities and countries, which they have visited. And keep the history and culture of the peoples, help souvenirs that make craftsmen and artisans. Note that the souvenirs are often the basis of private collections of art. The tourists, who visited Uzbekistan, remain unforgettable memories of architectural ensembles of Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva and Shakhrisabz. It is always a question in front of them, which piece of these places take with themself?

Uzbekistan – it is a paradise for those who like art pottery. There is an old school of ceramic in each region. Bukhara craftsmen create figurines that convey the image of the national favorite, and scoffer Nasreddin joker on a donkey. Also, in the shops you could find miniature camels, candlesticks in the form of dragons, and thin-walled ceramic bowls for tea, which emit a crystal bell.

Also humorous figure compositions that tell about communication of old friends in teahouses or bazaars, show an amazing ability of baked clay.

Souvenirs of Uzbekistan — photo 2

Products jewelers of Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara will impress fans of the national women’s jewelry. The choice is very wide, the traditional earrings Kashgar Boldak and cupolas, and original pendants, bracelets and rings, faceted pearls, rubies, turquoise and carnelian. Bukhara chasers often engraved on the products display landmarks “sacred Bukhara”, they can be seen, for example, on brass and copper trays.

In the workshops of artisans you could see powder boxes, cupboards, boxes and tables, khantakhta. They are decorated with ornament “islimi”, which is applied in tempera or oil paints. More delicate patterns made with gold leaf, they decorate lacquer ware made of papier-mache.

For those who prefer oriental music could be purchased as a souvenir miniature Uzbek musical instruments – dutar rubab, tanbur with strained strings. All of these tools are decorated the ornament from pearl.

Souvenirs of Uzbekistan — photo 3

Uzbek embroidery-kashtachilik leaves a lasting impression. So every element of the pattern Suzanne has ancient magical meaning. Concluding embroidery mistress usually left unfinished one curl. According to popular belief, the woman, who fully finished embroidery may die. Urgut or Tashkent embroiders choose selected volume, convex weld “Basma”, and the small cross “iroki” decorate cushions, handbags, cosmetic bags and embroidered skullcaps, which made Kashkadarya and Shakhrisabz embroiders.

National headdress – is skullcap. They motivate all the tourists who come to Uzbekistan. Women skullcaps duppi with colorful embroidery, and Chust men in black satin with white pattern in the guise of four peppers and Bukhara gold embroidery skullcaps will be a good gift.

Pearl of the Uzbek people is craft fabric handmade. In families of weavers feed silkworms. When using household tools grosgrain weave snipe striped or solid, with moiré effect, it’s subsequently turns driving into finished cloth white egg.

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