Art jewelry in Uzbekistan

Art jewelry in Uzbekistan — photo 1

Jewelry appeared many centuries ago, in ancient times they were considered like amulets. In Uzbekistan, the earliest detection decorations date back to the XII century.

Jewelry of Uzbek craftsmen stand a variety of forms, originality of decoration and detail. In Uzbekistan, a favorite material for jewelry was silver, but Bukhara craftsmen created many ornaments from gold.

Art jewelry in Uzbekistan — photo 1

When Uzbek jewelers creating jewelry they use such precious and semiprecious stones as emerald, pearl, smoky pink Lal, garnet, sapphire, turquoise, carnelian, coral, mother of pearl. Usually jewelry stones are not faceted, they are polish.

Relatives to present to each girl jewelry sets for wedding. Many brides wear them until their first child born. Typically, the bride wears a silver, or gold jewelry. For example, in the dress of brides from Tashkent, Bukhara and Ferghana present noble gilded tracery kokoshnik Tilla-kosh with splashes of turquoise and multi-colored rhinestones. Bukhara masters in the early twentieth century, creating a tiara that follows the shape of the eyebrows, they were called the Tilla-Usma – penciled golden eyebrows. One of the ancient Bukhara head ornaments is shashpo. On long threads worn silver and gold beads, pearls and coral, and separated them from silk tassels in the ends with metal caps at the ends.

Art jewelry in Uzbekistan — photo 3

Jewelers transmit their art jewelers from generation to generation. In the past, zargars forms the manufactory, but now man ymasters are members of the Union of the craftsmen of Uzbekistan “Hunarmand.”

Tashkentand Zarafshan jewelry factory revive the ancient appearance of female ornaments. In the jewelry shops of the country you could see a gold earrings, rings and necklaces that are reminiscent of ancient motifs, shapes, decoration of the jewelry, they are a continuation of the ancient traditions of art.

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