Uzbek carpets

Uzbek carpets — photo 1

For the Uzbek people the carpet presence in the house is a constant and important tradition that prevailed in ancient times. Rugs adorn the walls, their veiled floor, appreciated not only the functionality but also the artistic side.

In Uzbekistan, you could find various kinds of carpets. There are the same popularity as felted so carpet, and the carpet pile.

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The most ancient kind of carpeting considered felted. A nomadic people invented it. Currently this type of carpet used by shepherds on mountain and steppe pastures, covered with felted cloth tent, veiled floor. As a rule, women felt mat manufacture.

Bukhara rugs always have been considered among the best. They are woven on considerable size machines, with lighter pattern of white, red and yellow.

Earlier in the house of rich people were hundreds of carpets. A large collection of the rugs had Emir of Bukhara. He had about ten thousand carpets, and the ministers of staff responsible fortheir safety. Many carpets Emir received from his friends and he often gave to them carpets as gift.

The ornaments of Uzbek carpets, which created with masters many centuries ago, had magical properties. They instilled in stylized vegetable and zoomorphic melody and magic symbols and totem signs.

In every region of Uzbekistan has its own particular carpet. Bukhara rugs are distinguished brightness and multi-color pattern, considerable size and high pile. Samarkand rugs can be recognized by laconic and expressive pattern red-black-blue tones. In Andijan region made carpets with prevailing red and blue hues. At the center of the rugs usually possible to see longitudinal stripes and fringe decorate ornaments.

Carpets, which made in Ferghana Valley, decorated with drawings of flowering bush or a vase of flowers. These rugs are called Kashgar, in honor of relations Central Asia with Xinjiang.

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On Khiva carpets you could see floral ornament. Skilled workers represent the Amudarya floodplain patterns on the carpets in the form of rams horns and amulets, tumors that talk about the past of their nomadic ancestors.

A significant place in the history of Uzbek carpets removed silk and gold woven pile. These carpets made in the workshop of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva. They were decorated in the yard of the kings, and were a valuable gift to foreign visitors.

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