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General information

There is no need for obligatory medical or any other insurance in order to travel across Uzbekistan. Approximate hour of settling in a hotel is 14:00, departure at 12:00. In some cases if a room is ready you may be settled earlier without paying extra fees. If you were appointed a meeting at the airport or at the railway station, at the doors a driver or a guide will be waiting for you with a sign with your name or “CanaanTravel”.

Best time for a visit to Uzbekistan The best periods for visit are from March to June and from August and to November. At this time you will be accompanied by comfortable weather, July very hot. In winter months besides classical rounds our company offers rest in ski resorts of Uzbekistan.

Receipt of a visa

A visa is required for foreign citizens to travel in Uzbekistan . The agreement is established on a bilateral visa-free regime with: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Tourists from these countries the visa is not required, however it is obligatory to possess valid international passport. All detailed information concerning visa procedures can be found on the page visa.

At the entrance

At the entrance to Uzbekistan it is necessary to fill the customs declaration in duplicate, one of them will remain with you and should be kept till departure from Uzbekistan. Currency import is not limited in Uzbekistan, however currency export should not exceed imported amount of declared cash currency. Be attentive, undeclared sum of money can be confiscated at customs. It is allowed to take up to 2 liters of alcohol products per person.


The national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan is sum. You can exchange from US dollar, Euro, Russian ruble, Japanese yen, and pounds sterling into the national currency in exchange offices of banks, hotels and other populous places. Exchange rate of sum to foreign currencies is defined by central bank, as a rule, it changes every week on Tuesday. Keep in mind that not all hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards. Be careful of currency exchange on the street and strangers, you may become a victim of swindlers.

Registration in Uzbekistan

All foreign citizens should register for a period of stay in the country. Hotels are obliged to provide guests a registration coupon for a period of stay in a hotel. Be attentive, check existence of the coupon and its correct filling. This coupon will be required on passport control during departure from Uzbekistan; also law enforcement officerscan checkits availability.


Uzbekistan is a safe place for foreign tourists. A crime rate is very low in the country. You can travel calmly alone at any time. However, it is not recommended to leave valuables and personal belongings without supervision.

Medical care

A policy of medical insurance can be issued in a host country, but be surely convinced that it will be valid in the territory of Uzbekistan. In case if will be needed a medical care during travel appeal to your guide, to the reception of hotel, or call emergency service number 103.

Food and kitchen

The national cuisine of Uzbekistan is appetizing and diversified, but it is worth to consider that quite often food can be very fat or with a large amount of spices, that can adversely affect health of people who suffer from cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases.

Water and drinks

Tap water in Uzbekistan is pure, however it is not recommended to drink it raw. We advise you to buy water in bottles. Alcoholic beverages can be found in the menu of bars and restaurants, both by local manufacturers and imported ones.


Uzbek is the state language of Uzbekistan. Aldo, Tajik language is widespread in some regions of the country. Russian is very widespread – it is understood and can speak more than 70 % of the population. You will be understood while talking English at the hotels restaurants, also by some young people in big cities.


A wide network of public transport operates in the country. Intercity buses, trains and planes are at your disposal. Buses and fixed-run taxi run in the cities, you can go for tram or subway ride in Tashkent. Cost of public transport in the cities is 1200 sum (≈ $0,40). In addition, it is possible to use taxi services. Fare is about 1000-1200 sum/km. (≈ $0,40) in case if there is no a taximeter, than price is negotiated. It is possible to bargain with private traders. It is possible to bargain for a paid lift.

Days off and holidays

Public holidays:

  • January 1 – New Year`s Day
  • January 14- Day of Motherland defenders
  • On March 8 – International Women’s Day
  • On March 21 – Navruz (Central Asian New Year`day)
  • On May 9 – Day of memory and honour.
  • On September 1 – Independence Day
  • On October 1 – Day of Teachers and Instructors
  • On December 8 – Constitution day
  • Religious holidays with changing dates:
  • Ramazan-Hait
  • Kurban-Hait

Clothes and footwear

You are free to choose any clothes that is convenient to you. Clothes can choose any what only is convenient to you. However during excursions in religious places we recommend clothes which close shoulders and knees. The sun in Uzbekistan is very bright therefore don’t forget, sunglasses, sun-protection cream, a hat or a cap. You will be walking on foot much so you should wear convenient footwear

Mobile communication

Services of mobile communication of the GSM standard are offered by three operators:

Institutions and shops working hours

Private shops have no rigid schedule of work. Usually shops are open from 9:00 till 21:00, without days off, some work round the clock.Public institutions, as a rule, work Monday through Friday from 9:00 till 18:00.


Do not miss a possibility go for a walk to a bazaar, surely bargain when shopping, it is obligatory ritual, none of purchases are hold without it,if you buy something without bargaining, the seller can take an offense, also you can save from 5 % to 50 % of initial cost of goods.

Have a pleasant trip to Uzbekistan. Moreover, do not forget a camera in order to keep in memory remarkable moments spent in sunny land for a long time.

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