Samarkand flat cakes

Samarkand flat cakes — photo 1

The Samarkand flat cakes are known for its taste and property not to be spoiled for a long time. It is possible to eat a real Samarkand flat cake within three years. Before tasting it is necessary just to sprinkle it with water and to warm up in an oven. The one, who goes to Samarkand, surely brings flat cakes from there. There is a set of versions types of these flat cakes: small, big, strewed with the sesame, covered with glaze. Surprisingly that legends are composed about Samarkand flat cakes.

Samarkand flat cakes — photo 2

According to one legend, the Samarkand flat cakes were loved very much by the emir of Bukhara. He couldn’t understand, why these tasty flat cakes should be carried from Samarkand, after all they with the same success can be baked in Bukhara. Then he ordered to bring a baker of flat cakes from Samarkand to Bukhara. And the best baker from Samarkand was brought to the palace and he was ordered to bake flat cakes there. The master began the work, however flat cakes didn’t turn out to be as tasty as they were in Samarkand. Advisers of the emir began to think what a problem was and decided that all depends on the Samarkand flour, water and oven. All these things were brought to the baker from Samarkand. But flat cakes didn`t turn out successful. Then the master thought and told: «I think the whole matter is in the Samarkand air!».

Samarkand flat cakes — photo 3

After all it was impossible to bring an air, and consequently the baker was sent back to Samarkand where he continued to bake surprising flat cakes. And those who wanted enjoy the taste of Samarkand flat cakes went for them to Samarkand. This tradition proceeds up to present day.

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