Uzbekistan is one of the safest

Uzbekistan is one of the safest — photo 1

Uzbekistan is included in the list of the safest destinations for tourists. Moreover, the state program for 2018-2019 has an entire section devoted to the concept of “National Security of Uzbekistan”.

As long as there are acts of terrorism, extremism, and radicalism in the world and armed conflicts in some countries, Uzbekistan remains one of the safest countries for tourism and living.

Uzbekistan in the top ranks among the safest countries

Travel service “Wego Place” published the report “Solo Travel Safety Report 2019“, which described the Top 10 safest countries to travel alone. Citizens from 142 countries participated in the survey. They told the details of the trip: the level of comfort, the safety of night-walks, vigilance of police officers, stressful situations during the vacation (conflicts, quarrels, theft, cases of aggression of various kinds).

Uzbekistan is one of the safest — photo 2

Uzbekistan took 5th place, so it is pretty safe to go here with family, friends or even alone. The country respects foreigners, local residents will always prompt and help to get to the desired destination, and even invite for tea. Stability and a minimum of stressful situations in the country are provided by the security service, which patrols the streets of cities round the clock.

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Note to tourists: the country was overtaken by Singapore, Norway, Iceland, and Finland

Details of flights to Uzbekistan

At the airport, tourists already can feel the level of security. Here lots of people carefully inspect the luggage of each tourist, so there is no need to be afraid of a large number of different observers. Do not take it personally: it is done for your safe journey in the country.

If the “Law Enforcement” agencies of the airport have suspicions about the purpose of your visit or the contents of a backpack and bags — you will be immediately interrogated and will conduct an additional inspection.

Uzbekistan is one of the safest — photo 3

Security in Uzbekistan is in the foreground. The country cannot be entered:

  • drugs and strong drugs without prescriptions;
  • weapons and ammunition;
  • photos and videos that violate the state system, norms of behavior;
  • animals (without special permission).

You cannot export precious stones and metals, furs, weapons, historical values from the country (to remove things older than 100 years, you must obtain permission from the Ministry of culture of the country).

Walking around the city

In Uzbekistan, Law Enforcement agencies work round the clock. They control the situation in all crowded places: subway, parks, attractions, bazaars.

To ensure the safety of tourists the government has founded tourist police.

While walking around the city (as well as at the airport), the tourist police may ask you to show your documents. Remember that it’s not personal hostility, but the desire of each employee to act within the law. If your documents (registration and terms of stay in the country) are all right — you have nothing to fear.

Uzbekistan is one of the safest — photo 4

In Uzbekistan, almost no theft is committed. Perhaps this is due to the ancient custom when for theft cut off his fingers. Cut fingers for two things: the first — to punish the thief, the second — to allocate people inclined to theft among other inhabitants. Of course, such punishment left long in the past.

Uzbekistan is one of the safest — photo 5

Thefts still happen sometimes. Therefore, we recommend using the hotels’ safes and lockers at airports, in order to avoid unpleasant situations. We also do not recommend to leave valuables unattended while relaxing and walking around the city (mobile phones, documents, bags, hotel keys).

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