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In Central Asia, there is a lot of entertainment: dancing, chanting, wrestling, horse racing, but there is another performance that surprises not only tourists, but also local residents. You guessed right, we are about the performance of the rope-walkers-darboz.

History of tightrope walkers

Performances appeared in the Middle Ages. As today, the performances attracted great attention of the residents, therefore they were held in bazaars and squares, where a large number of people gathered.
Such performances were an obligatory part of any noisy event, celebrations or weddings. The scale of the show was so great that even rulers and famous people attended it.

On the preparation of tightrope walkers

It is not easy to learn and become a tightrope walker: you need to be agile, strong and enduring. It is for this reason that most of the tightrope walkers are men.
Darbozes perform without insurance, so the show fascinates any tourist even today. Do you think it’s so easy to walk on a tightrope at a height of 5 to 50 meters?

About submission

For the performance, tightrope walkers wear bright suits or a white shirt and black harem pants. They put boots on their feet.

Rope walkers — photo 2

During the performance, the tightrope walker maintains balance with the help of a long pole. The most experienced tightrope walkers manage to stand on one leg in the middle of the rope, and this is aerobatics! When the darboz passes the rope in one direction, he returns back to the starting point, only with his back forward.

Presentation of darboz today

The national tradition has survived to this day. As in the Middle Ages, no significant event takes place without performances of tightrope walkers. So if you are planning a trip to Uzbekistan during Navruz or Independence Day, be sure to visit the performances of darboz in the Tashkent circus.

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