Khanta-Kilish — photo 1

The rite is considered obligatory and takes place, like Beshik-Tuy (the first swaddling of the baby), when the mother decides. Usually, Khatna-Kilish is performed for boys aged 3, 5, 7, and 9 years.

How the ceremony is held

Preparations for this event begin in advance: parents sew special blankets, bedding, and festive clothes. Before the event, parents invite representatives of the clergy to read suras from the Koran, bless the child and the future man.

After the blessing of the child, parents put on him gifts that relatives brought. Sometimes a child is put on a stallion, as a sign that he will soon become a real man.

While men are relaxing on the street, a “Tahurar” is held in the house – laying gifts and stitched blankets in chests that will be useful to a future man in life.

The holiday itself ends well after midnight. During the fun, guests eat pilaf, dance, play different games.

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