Golf in Uzbekistan

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Some tourists are surprised when they learn about a golf club near Tashkent. Here’s the thing: the game appeared and enjoys popularity in Western Europe, and in the Central Asian country it “stands out” a little against the background of the eastern mentality.

Golf Club Features

Tashkent’s Lakes Golf Club is the first in Central Asia. Athletes from all over the world come here to do two things: play golf away from the bustle of the city and at the same time see the sights of the country.

The golf course is a 20-minute drive from Tashkent. There are 18 holes on the field, so the game will be interesting not only to professionals, but also to novice players.

There are only two golf clubs in Central Asia: Tashkent and Kazakhstan. They fully meet international standards and requirements, so not only beginners and amateurs come here to play here, but also experienced players.

Construction history

Golf club in Tashkent was built in just two years. The construction process was accelerated by involving the North American company Golden Star Inc. in the process The field was built on the initiative of Islam Karimov, who paid much attention to the country’s sports development.

Golf in Uzbekistan — photo 2

Golf course was opened on Independence Day of Uzbekistan – September 1, 1998. In 2006, Tashkent hosted the first Uzbek golf championship, which was attended by guests from around the world: Canada, Malaysia, the Netherlands, South Korea and the United States.

About nature

The golf club is built in an amazing place: clean air, flat fields, lakes, trees. Simply put, there is everything for relaxation from the bustle of the city and a comfortable game of golf.

Thanks to the climate of Uzbekistan, golf club employees manage to maintain a green lawn all year round. Not every country can afford it, for example, winters are very cold in Russia, autumn rains fall, and floods in spring. All of these climate changes make golf a seasonal summer sport.

A favorable climate is another reason why athletes from all over the world come to Uzbekistan.

About golf prices

Golf prices in Tashkent are low, compared with the price in other countries. The cost of the game depends on the day of the week: on weekdays, the price varies from 75-100 $, on weekends – 95-160 $ (the price also depends on the number of holes: 9 or 18).

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If you do not have your own club, umbrella and shoes, you will have to pay extra for rent:

  • stick – $ 25;
  • shoes – $ 15;
  • umbrella – $ 6.

Affordable golf prices also affect the number of guests from other countries. For example, representatives of South Korea often come to Tashkent to play, despite the fact that their country also has a golf club. Guests come because the price for a pleasant pastime is lower and fewer lines.

What else is on the territory of the golf club

In addition to the golf course, there is a family zone, playgrounds, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a sauna, a guest villa and even a restaurant with excellent cuisine.

All this is provided to make the game of golf as comfortable as possible, and rest in Uzbekistan – the best.


If you come to Uzbekistan and see all the sights, get tired of shopping and even manage to buy souvenirs home, a trip to the golf club is the best pastime. This applies not only to tourists who travel with family or friends, but also businessmen.

We recommend that every tourist get and personally play golf on the Tashkent field. And don’t even say that you don’t have time or the weather didn’t have a game: they play here all year round, so book and go for new emotions.

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