Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand

Cafes and restaurants of Samarkand — photo 1

There are many historical monuments in Samarkand. All of them are located in different parts of the city and to recuperate when visiting them, tourists are invited to visit local restaurants.

Here you can have a wonderful time in an oriental atmosphere with live music, and in the summer, some restaurants offer to sit at short (khan’s) tables right on the green lawn. From the local cuisine, tourists are first of all in a hurry to taste Samarkand pilaf and “gul-manty” (manti in the form of flowers). These dishes relate to the authentic Samarkand cuisine and can be tasted in almost any national restaurant in the city. Any resident of Samarkand will be happy to show the nearest way to a cafe or a Samarkand restaurant, since the local cuisine is a reason for Samarkand residents to be proud.

To attract tourists, many stylized “antique” restaurants have been created in Samarkand. Those who wish to taste dishes of European cuisine also have the opportunity to choose one of several restaurants where they can have a great time with a live saxophone melody while tasting the best wines of Uzbekistan.

Canaan Travel offers its own selection of Samarkand establishments with useful information about them.

Restaurants in Samarkand


Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand — photo 2

Cuisine: European
Music: setlist
Prices: $$
Address: st. A. Zhomiy, 37
Phone: +998 90 600-18-81
Working hours: from 12:00 to 23:00

The feeling of the atmosphere of the Hermitage will not leave you throughout your meal at the Astoria Classic restaurant. This is an amazing institution with amazing energy, where you can enjoy the masterpieces of European cuisine. Talented chefs will offer you their best dishes. Two-tiered restaurant halls can accommodate a huge number of people when holding large banquets or celebrations.

Solid furniture, high-quality table setting, the emerald glow of each column of the room, every aspect, thought out to the smallest detail, will play its role in ensuring that you can spend an evening in our restaurant carefree and sincerely. During the day, you will be delighted by the calm music, which has a calming effect on the body. In the evening, incendiary modern music will allow you to splash out emotions and energy on the spacious ground floor.

The architects put their souls into creating a unique institution, and you can see for yourself by walking along the bridges overhanging the first floor. You won’t see anything like this anywhere else in Samarkand!


Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand — photo 3

Cuisine: Uzbek, European
Music: live
Prices: $$
Address: st. A. Zhomiy, 100/1
Phone: +998 66 233-80-20, +998 93 346-80-20
Working hours: from 10:00 to 23:00

Samarkand restaurant Old City is pleased to offer its guests many delights of culinary art. National, European and vegetarian cuisines will delight you with a wide selection of dishes with the most delicious taste. Delicious lamb in foil, smoke, Khan-style meat – each of these dishes has a unique taste and satiety.

The restaurant has a fireplace room. The restaurant is organically divided into three zones. Excellent background music only adds to the coziness of the establishment. Old City is the perfect place for lunch or dinner. The name of the restaurant speaks for itself – it is the coziness of a country estate, where everything is saturated with a colorful old spirit. Impeccable service, friendly staff. In addition, the restaurant serves meals in portions that guarantee full satisfaction.

The restaurant is located close enough to large Samarkand hotels and guest houses, which is favorable for visiting in the evening, when city tours are over and you want to spend the evening in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. High-quality local wines will help you relax and forget about routine worries for a while. In addition to the usual friendly get-togethers, the restaurant is happy to accept and organize corporate meetings, celebrations, as well as help in organizing a romantic date.


Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand — photo 4

Cuisine: Uzbek, European
Music: live
Prices: $$$
Address: st. Mironshokh, 40
Phone: +998 91 540-36-62
Working hours: from 10:00 to 23:00

The unusual restaurant “Marvarid” will leave only the most pleasant memories. National and European cuisine, excellent service, elegant interior – all this creates a special atmosphere of the restaurant “Marvarid”.

Live music in the evenings will fill your evening with an atmosphere of inspiration.


Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand — photo 5

Cuisine: Uzbek
Music: live
Prices: $$$
Address: Navoi ave., 25
Phone: +998 91 555-88-88
Opening hours: from 10:00 to the last client

Dastarkhan is a unique art cafe, in the interior of which the atmosphere of the fabulous east, which so often appears in many famous films, paintings and fairy tales, is recreated in the interior with accuracy to the smallest detail. The incomparably high design level made it possible to recreate all this within the walls of the art cafe.

The warmth of the colors, the unusual shapes – all this creates a special effect. The cuisine is as unique as the look and feel of the establishment. The dishes are oriental with a bias towards home cooking. A unique cafe in a unique city is exactly what attracts many guests of Samarkand.


Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand — photo 6

Cuisine: Uzbek, Russian
Music: live
Prices: $$
Address: st. M. Ulugbek, 142
Phone: +998 95 509-22-00
Working hours: from 11:00 to 23:00

A classic among restaurants, Novy Arbat, with its refined style, sophisticated decoration, huge panels on the walls depicting old streets, warm and pleasant lighting, will delight you with the atmosphere of an elite restaurant for dignitaries.

Comfortable upholstered furniture, color scheme – all this is thought out and balanced, perfectly combined with the general style of the establishment. The cuisine is represented by dishes of European and Eastern cuisine.

Thanks to its design, cuisine and customer service, the restaurant has earned itself a reputation as the best restaurant for important celebrations and events. The restaurant keeps the set bar, every day more and more firmly asserting its well-deserved status.


Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand — photo 7

Cuisine: Uzbek, European
Music: setlist
Prices: $$
Address: st. Gagarin, 194
Phone: +998 66 237-77-39
Working hours: from 08:00 to 23:00

Near the hotel Tumaris, which is on Gagarin Street, in the most beautiful city in the whole East, Samarkand, there is a restaurant “Karimbek”. The restaurant is one of the most popular Samarkand restaurants with the most convenient location.

Some spacious rooms are designed in European style, others – in oriental style. National and European cuisine. In the evening, to the delight of the eyes of the guests – a dance show, where oriental and popular European dances are performed for guests. Lovers of fresh air are offered a summer cafe in the restaurant building, where you can have a great time enjoying the evening coolness of the eastern city.


Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand — photo 8

Cuisine: Uzbek, European
Music: live
Prices: $
Address: st. Registan, 5
Phone: +998 90 742-15-48, +998 98 273-15-48
Working hours: from 08:00 to 23:00

The renewed menu contains national, European and vegetarian dishes.

The highlight of the new menu is kurtoba, narhatala, heap of oshi, karakhan, devonbegi and much more.

Also, evenings of tasting the best wines of the city of Samarkand are organized here. In the evening, your pastime will be decorated with national dances and songs at your request.

Set menus are offered individually for guests from different countries. Oriental flavor and Uzbek hospitality will not leave you indifferent. The restaurant is located directly opposite the Registan Square.


Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand — photo 9

Cuisine: Uzbek, European
Music: live
Prices: $$
Address: st. Pushkin, 2
Phone: +998 66 233-80-49
Working hours: from 10:00 to 23:00

Oriental motives in the interior of the restaurant and delightful design will impress lovers of interesting design solutions, and Eastern and European cuisines will not leave indifferent any gourmet. Elegant interior and delicious cuisine make Platan restaurant unique in its kind.

Professional musicians perform quality music to create a unique atmosphere in the restaurant. Located in the European part of Samarkand, the Platan restaurant fits favorably into the atmosphere of a modern city, attracting guests with its notes of good mood, excellent cuisine and appearance.


Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand — photo 10

Cuisine: Uzbek, European
Music: live
Prices: $$$
Address: st. M. Kashgariy, 92
Phone: +998 66 233-05-77
Working hours: from 09:00 to 23:00

The name of the restaurant “Staraya Arba” already speaks volumes. This is an exquisite restaurant well known in Samarkand. Samarkand has been known for its hospitality since ancient times. And this restaurant is a direct embodiment of the friendliness of the East.

The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant, the national style of decoration – all this will help you immerse yourself in the spirit of the old East. True connoisseurs will be provided with a hall for VIP-persons.

Staraya Arba is a great place to relax, drink coffee and indulge in delicious cakes. Be sure to visit the restaurant to see for yourself the high level of the establishment.

Cafes and restaurants of Samarkand are a separate attraction of the city, where you will be offered:

  • cozy atmosphere;
  • excellent cuisine;
  • pleasant music;
  • fast service;
  • polite staff;
  • inexpensive menu;
  • a wide range of drinks.

Restaurants and cafes in Samarkand deserve your attention no less than Registan or Gur-Emir. And you can see for yourself.

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