Boysun Bahori festival

Boysun Bahori festival — photo 1

Boysun Bahori” in translation means “Boysun spring”. The history of this festival begins in the small town of Boysun, in southern Uzbekistan. The main feature of the city is that local residents still honor traditions and customs from distant pre-Islamic pagan cultures.

About the festival

The main theme of the festival is the preservation of Uzbek cultures. This is due to the fact that ancient rites and traditions in big cities are fading into the background. During the festival, participants try to show guests the beautiful heritage of the past, which is still preserved in Boysun.

Of course, the culture of this city is known throughout the country. In 2001, UNESCO recognized culture as one of the masterpieces of the oral and intangible cultural heritage, and in 2002 the first festival was held. At first, the event was held annually, but over time, other festivals went around in popularity.

When is the festival held

By tradition, the festival is held in the spring. This is due to the fact that it is at this time of year that the city of Boysun surprises tourists and local residents with greenery and flowering meadows. Hence the name of the event.

Boysun Bahori festival — photo 2

Before the festival, local residents set up a huge camp with yurts, benches and a stage. All this is for the performance of folk ensembles and the convenience of those who came from different parts of the world to listen to music.

In addition to music, during the event you can:

  • watch the performance of tightrope walkers;
  • take part in national games kuresh, kupkari, etc.
  • View local theater performances
  • buy souvenirs from artisans;
  • try the national Uzbek cuisine.

In 2017, the festival began to be held again. In 2019, he thundered on April 27-28.


If you love Uzbekistan and go to learn the country’s traditions better, be sure to visit the next festival. You will like it. Imagine the music of ancient times, surrounded by beautiful mountains. Well, where else will you see this?

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