Beshik tuy: the first swaddling

Beshik tuy: the first swaddling — photo 1

This is one of the oldest rites of Uzbekistan, which has been held since the time of the first settlements and is honored even today. The reason for this is simple: the birth of a child is one of the most important events in life. On the first swaddle they call all relatives, neighbors, and friends, just like at a wedding or morning pilaf!

When the rite is held

The rite is held on the date chosen by the mother of the newborn. This may be the 7th, 9th, 11th or 40th day after the baby is born. On the appointed day, all relatives gather to see how the infant is first placed in its new bed with all the necessary amenities.

Details of the rite

Even sweets, cakes and toys are placed in the crib of a newborn. All this is wrapped in a special tablecloth (in Turkic is called “dastarkhan”). Surely you thought why a 7-day-old child has sweets? What is there to do, such customs…

Beshik tuy: the first swaddling — photo 2

By tradition, while all the guests are having fun at the table, the women hold the first ceremony in the children’s room and put the child in a beshik. When the ritual is held, the guests go to the bride and his new crib, and give gifts. According to tradition, a child is showered with grape sugar and sweets so that his life is long, sweet and comfortable.

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